What We Offer

Since its founding, the STEM Institute has carried out over 800 extensive public opinion surveys. Less known is the fact that we also offer consulting and educational services based on our 30+ years of investigating Czech society and politics.

We are also eager to pursue international research collaborations and we have substantial experience working with foreign clients (for example NATO, NDI or EU institutions).

Evidence-based Consulting

STEM’s experts have held advisory roles in crucial national decisions, such as the referendum on the EU membership, public campaigns (legal reforms and impact evaluations of these reforms), civil society initiatives and foreign policies of the Czech Republic.

We offer evidence-based consulting backed by our sociological expertise in the following areas:

  • Evaluation and impact analysis of public policy reforms
  • Strategic and/or political communication
  • Improving citizens’ quality of life
  • Public awareness and/or philanthropic campaigns
  • Public institutions and public participation


The STEM Institute is responsible for many surveys – both traditional and innovative – of public opinion, elite beliefs and specific subgroups of Czech society. Over its history, STEM polls have surveyed over 1 million Czech citizens through STEM’s own interviewer network or through verified partner organizations.

If you are uncertain what type of survey is most suitable to your needs, we are happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate research design.

TRENDS Omnibus Survey

Interested parties can choose to have specific questions or entire survey modules inserted within the TRENDS omnibus survey of Czech society that STEM regularly collects. The STEM Institute offers help and advice with both the selection and formulation of survey questions. It is particularly advantageous to have entire research module inserted into the TRENDS omnibus survey since this survey polls a representative sample of adult Czech population with approximately 1,000 respondents and is weighed by gender, age category, educational attainment, region and municipality size. This ensures sufficient robustness of our findings.

Quantitative Research

In broader terms, the TRENDS omnibus surveys, which STEM has been carrying out for over 30 years, can assist you in gaining key insights into the development of attitudes and/or beliefs of the Czech society. Pre-COVID-19 pandemic, the TRENDS surveys were carried out by STEM’s network of trained interviewers by a combination of PAPI/CAPI methods, now we are however gradually shifting into a more flexible CAWI/CATI or CAWI/CAPI data collection method while diligently ensuring a continuing robustness and high quality of our data.

Ad Hoc Surveys

The STEM Institute also offers extensive stand-alone research projects carried out on a representative sample of adult Czech population. These are structured around client’s research questions and preferences. STEM ensures and guarantees the entire process from formulating the research topic, through data analysis, formulating recommendations, and presentation of the results.

Flash surveys

Quick opinion polls on various current topics in public affairs.

Online and CATI Surveys

An increasingly important component of STEM’s data collection portfolio as the COVID-19 pandemic has severely limited the feasibility of face-to-face collection.

Case Studies and Client Data Analysis

STEM analysts can assist the client in statistical analysis, segmentation modeling and interpretation of pre-existing sociological and economic datasets. These might be publicly available, from the STEM archives or proprietary to client.

STEM also offer secondary analyses based on STEM’s 30+ years of longitudinal data that allow for historical comparisons on key indicators from 1990 to the present day. For many of our clients, STEM tracks changes in select beliefs and opinions of the Czech population and notifies the clients if there are major opinion shifts.

Qualitative Research

  • Focus groups – exploratory research in small-group interactive discussions of pre-selected participants.
  • Expert surveys – solution-oriented research among established experts on given topics
  • In-depth interviews – method aiming to understand deeper motivation and reasoning of select participants.
  • Elite surveys – investigation of opinions and beliefs of prominent figures in Czech politics, public affairs, economy, professional groups etc.

Public education and training

STEM Institute also contributes to a better understanding of the Czech society through lectures, workshops, and trainings. This understanding is essential for synergy between Czech citizens, politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists. STEM experts organize lectures and workshops tailored to specific interests of clients, most typically covering the following areas:

  • Long-term trends and developments of key indicators in the Czech Republic
  • Czech political parties and quality of democracy
  • Regional and communal politics and citizens’ satisfaction
  • Quality of life in the Czech Republic
  • Czech citizens’ attitudes towards Europe and the world at large
  • Less understood period of the early 1990’ in the Czech Republic

Should you have any questions about our work, methods or research, do not hesitate to contact us at: info@stem.cz