Citizenship empowerment


Citizenship Empowerment

Potential for civic participation in the Visegrad 4 countries, 2017 & 2018

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In 1991, a survey entitled “Society and Democracy” was held in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. At that time, it was of utmost importance to map the attitudes and values of the societies which had emerged from Communism and had enjoyed their first years of democracy. STEM took part on this study.

Today, we would like to survey evaluating the ways in which societies meet the challenges of our time.

At this time, the importance of resilience has come to the forefront of political agenda. Resilient societies require empowered citizens. In this context, how can residents act as citizens? What sort of landscape facilitates citizen empowerment? Is there a shared perception of public engagement on one hand, and a consumer based approach on the other and, if so, to what extent? And, provided they are willing to do so, are people more likely to participate at a local level or is it easier for them to commit themselves to a national or a global cause? And how resilient are they to propaganda, radicalisation and extremism?

Our survey is launched. We are proud to be supported by Visegrad fund and other donors.