What do Czechs perceive as a threat to society?

Within the context of current developments in Europe, Czech citizens are becoming increasingly concerned about Islamic fundamentalism, the situation in the Middle East and the influx of migrants in particular. According to the public, both terrorism and international organized crime represent stable risks. The rise in concern over the threat of politics in Russia, documented in May, was not confirmed in the September survey. The STEM survey cited here was conducted on a representative sample of the Czech population aged 18 and over from 18 to 28 September 2015. Respondents were selected using a quota sampling method, with some 925…

Czech attitudes towards Western European countries, especially Germany, are deteriorating

Czech citizens have the best relationship with Slovakia, with 86 % of the population giving Slovakia a ‘one’ or a ‘two’ on a scale of one to five, with one being the most positive rating. Austria (72 %), the Netherlands (71 %), Sweden, France and the United Kingdom (all at 70 %) also received high ratings from the vast majority of the public. When compared to a previous survey carried out in 2013, the attitude of Czech citizens to the majority of western European countries has deteriorated, most evidently in the case of Germany. Ukraine (24 %), China (25…

Fear of refugees – what lies behind it

There is a widespread fear of refugees among the Czech population which runs through all sections of society. It would be a big mistake, however, for this fear of refugees to be seen in isolation. The predominant issue is rather a fear of the spread of Islam in this country, a fear of an escalation in Islamic fundamentalism and its link to terrorism and organised crime. The current irrational, emotion-based and unstructured fear of this whole set of risks is weakening our anchoring in the European Union and also calls into question the results of the country’s post-November 1989…

Are we interested in how the EU works?

“Do you want to know how the European Union actually works? Are you interested in its activities and the problems it faces?” „Zajímá Vás, jak vlastně Evropská unie funguje, jaké jsou její činnosti a problémy?“ Source: STEM, Trends 1999-2003, aged 18+; STEGA, Communication on European Affairs, 10/2005 – 6/2006, STEM, Trends 11/2006, 1/2009, 1/2010

Public opinion on the adoption of the euro

“Do you personally support the adoption of the euro in the Czech Republic?” The date for adopting the euro is a matter of economic and political choice. Although the Czech Republic is committed to adopting the currency, public support is not strong enough, at least for the time being.   Source: STEM, Trends 2005-2015