Our vision, our mission and core principles


An open society based on dialogue, and on a plurality of opinions


To inspire curiosity and offer experience drawn from over twenty years of public opinion research.

To create a platform where political analysts, scholars and journalists can engage with our findings and thus foster vibrant public debate focusing on strategic issues of our society.

To facilitate international understanding and enable important political decisions based on broader contexts and long-term vision.

Core Principles

Citizenship: By sharing our data, we aim to promote responsible citizenship that will consider the concerns and hopes of the community as a whole, across a wide range of national demographics, thus fostering robust dialog and building consensus.

Society: Our data, gathered since 1990, reflects the Czech Republic’s history. It helps us to understand who we are, what voters value, and what lessons can be learned.

Education: We communicate with universities, bringing their attention to the social realities that our surveys uncover. We provide both students and scholars with data for their work, helping them to share their observations and provoking further exchange and debate.

Feedback for decision makers: We are the custodians of a data set that is unique in the Czech context, unparalleled in its range, and we extend it with our research, providing feedback to decision makers.

Partners: By developing partnerships and synergies, we support dialogue, political pluralism and consensus building.

Europe and NATO: By offering our findings to partners in the European Union and to our allies in NATO, we reinforce strategic thinking focused on the challenges of the twenty-first century, consolidating cooperation in key areas.