Our team

Martin Buchtík

Martin is a sociologist and – since 2018 – the Director of the STEM Institute for Empirical Research. He investigates the dynamic of societal changes and other issues, such as public opinion, quality of life, social cohesion and inequality. In the past, he led the Public Opinion Research Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences. He obtained his PhD from Charles University specializing in the methodology of social science research.

In his free time he likes to read, play boardgames and LARPs and ponder what meals would be acceptable to every member of his household.

Jan Hartl

Jan Hartl is a sociologist, head of the STEM board of trustees and a founder of the STEM Institute for Empirical Research. In the 1970’ and 1980’, Jan Hartl worked as a researcher at the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology. His research interests lie in social issues, political analysis and public opinion tracking. He is the author of a plethora of research projects, publications and expert advice for clients both domestic and foreign. Jan Hartl has taught a number of courses at Charles University, faculties of social sciences and philosophy.

Nikola Hořejš

Nikola is the Director of International Affairs Program at STEM Institute where he has worked since 2018. He has worked with both non-partisan organizations and political parties in order to promote democratic and transparent governance, human rights and international cooperation. Nikola studied political science and psychology at Charles University.

Matěj Jungwirth

Matěj is a Senior Analyst at STEM where he has worked since 2019. In this position, he participated in a number of research projects for Czech public institutions, NGOs, and international organizations, such as NATO and NDI. He is particularly experienced in design, execution and analysis of quantitative surveys. He obtained Master’s in Public Affairs degree from the Princeton School of Public & International Affairs.

In his free time Matěj comments on US politics, climbs, plays a variety of ball sports, reads reviews of outdoor gear he will never buy and plan hikes that he will never do. 

Jitka Uhrová

Jitka has been working as a Senior Analyst with STEM since 1997. In that time, she was involved with a vast range of research projects for public institutions, academia and NGOs. She has substantial experience with preparation, execution and interpretation of both qualitative and quantitative research. She obtained master’s degree in sociology and social work from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University.

To relax, Jitka enjoys family hikes in Czech and European mountains, nice cafe, visiting historical sightseeings or reading good crime or fantasy novel. 

Sarah Komasová

Sarah has joined STEM as an analyst in 2020. She focuses on quality of life measurements, attitudes towards the EU and quantitative methodology. She took part in a range of research projects on airport security, operation of unmanned aerial systems and integrated emergency response services. She obtained a PhD in international relations and security studies from Charles University.

In her free time, she strives to travel, wander in forests and mountains of acceptable height and organize LARPs.

Karina Hoření

Karina Hoření has joined STEM as an Analyst in fall 2020. She focuses on qualitative investigation of topics in migration, education, social stratification and urbanism. She has master’s degree in sociology, social anthropology and history at the Masaryk University in Brno. Previously, she worked as a researcher at the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes and the Institute for Sociological Studies at the Charles University. She also engages in civic and public education initiatives.

She enjoys hiking in the mountains, running with and without skis and attends opera.

Martin Kratochvíl

Martin is an Analyst who works at STEM since 2020. Martin has experience with leading and managing projects for both private and government partners. He particularly enjoys working on political opinion and electoral models. He focuses on the methodology of quantitative research and data wrangling and analysis. He obtained bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Demography from Charles University. 

Outside work, Martin is primarily kept busy by his infant daughter but he also likes to explore new destinations and home and abroad. He also keeps diligently expanding his list of books that he would like to read one day.

Martin Philipp

Martin joined STEM in winter of 2021 as Junior Analyst. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science and public policy and is now pursuing a master’s degree in this field. He is particularly interested in the study of political parties, systems and actors as well as climate policies.

In his free time he is involved with Czech Boy Scouts and organizing LARPs.

Helena Truchlá 

 Helena joined STEM in April 2022 as a Manager of Communication and Analyst with the Czech Interests in the EU project. Previously, she worked in the news offices of Hospodarke noviny and Aktualne.cz where she focused on European affairs, German politics and the future of Czech and European energy sector. She has a master’s degree in economy and political science from the Masaryk University; she also studied in Berlin, Bordeaux and Edinburgh. 

In her free time she enjoys running, walking and traveling while eating Bosnian ćevape and Georgian ხაჭაპური (khachapuri).

Monika Kalašová

Monika is the Executive Assistant at STEM where she has been working since 2004. Before joining STEM, she was Office Manager at e-Media, a.s. She completed vocational secondary school with health administration specialization.

The rest of her free time is occupied by her three children.

Largest research on class and divisions of the Czech society

STEM director Martin Buchtík co-authored the largest recent study of the divisions in the Czech society. Commissioned by the Czech public radio, the survey put about 200 questions to more than 4000 respondents. For more please refer to the Czech radio website. https://www.irozhlas.cz/zpravy-domov/ceska-spolecnost-vyzkum-tridy-kalkulacka_1909171000_zlo


1990. Foundation

STEM founded, the first Czech private sociological research company with its own interviewers’ network. In March 1990 STEM carried out the first public opinion survey of the Czech population. Simultaneously, STEM took part in various international projects.

1993. Regular surveys launched

One of our major tools is TRENDS, a unique monthly series of surveys that was launched in May 1993 and which is run on large representative samples of the population aged 18+. Since then, TRENDS has been continuously monitoring the dynamics of social change within Czech society.

1994. Foundation of STEM/MARK

Sister company focused on marketing, consumer attitudes, and media research is founded.

2015. Foundation of STEM Institute

Driven by the ambition to share the unique data, Jan Hartl, STEM’s owner, launched an endowment to establish a public institute. STEM Institute was founded in November 2015 to open the private database to the public in order to stimulate debate on key issues. STEM Institute extends its know-how into new areas, employing the unique set of long term empirical data, developing TRENDS and other programs, and cooperating with a wide range of nonprofit organizations.

All three members of the board, Jindrich Sidlo, a prominent journalist at the daily Seznam Zpravy, Petr Vaclavik, sociologist and long-standing associate of STEM, and Jan Hartl share the same vision. STEM director in 2016 and 2017, Pavel Fischer, served as Czech Ambassador to France  and political advisor to President Havel and undertook the task of transforming STEM towards its goals. Our current director is Martin Buchtík, former head of the Public Opinion Research Center at the Czech Academy of Science.

We are firmly convinced that our data, gathered from over 20 years of surveys, unique within the Czech context, has the potential to frame and drive public debate, foster education, and inspire political discourse – in short, to influence the future of our country.


STEM Institute

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Martin Buchtík, Director (email)

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